jati Face Cream (natural herbal)

Intensively moisturize and soothe face and neck by increasing access of oxygen to the skin cells.  Restore elasticity while fighting off fine …lines and wrinkles.  Stimulate collagen and reduce scarring and acne.  Load up with vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids – all while reducing anxiety, uplifting your spirit, and bringing about romance through the therapeutic properties of sweet, exotic jasmine (jati) and warm vanilla essential oils.
This lightweight, wonderfully aromatic cream is fantastic for all skin tones including greasy, dry, sensitive or irritated skin.
jati Face Cream

jati Face Cream


Simply Shea Hair & Body Butter

Hydrate, nourish, and shine with this all natural  hair, scalp, and body butter – super concentrated!

Hydrate, nourish, and shine with this all natural hair, scalp, and body butter – super concentrated!

Simply Inspired

Having 3A curly hair type, and a daughter with 3C curly hair type, I’m always looking for products to beautify our natural curls.  It’s not only important that we maintain our natural curly hair, but that our hair stays healthy without all the chemicals.  That’s when I realized I could achieve that if I just made unique products myself…so I did!  And since then, I can’t seem to keep them in stock!!!

So if you’re looking for an all natural way to treat, tame, moisturize, and grow your hair without the toxins…look no further!

Simply Shea Hair & Body Butter

Make your hair soft with shine!  You will love this super moisturizing, hydrating, and nourishing all natural butter for natural curly, straight or permed hair!  And what you have left over once you apply to your hair – just rub into your skin for more moisture and shine.

Simply Natural Ingredients

Enriched with Shea Butter; EVOO; organic raw coconut oil; jojoba oil; castor oil; vitamin E  oil; tea tree oil

Simply Beneficial

Great for your hair, scalp, and your body. Full of vitamins and minerals that soothe and soften hair and skin. Promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, helps stop dandruff, amazing humectant that conceals moisture. Grow thicker healthier hair by using this cream!

Simple Instructions

There is no water in this product so it’s super concentrated!  Apply a small amount of Simply Shea Hair & Body Butter in your palm and rub hands together then apply to hair:

  • If you have straight or permed hair, apply butter then style as usual.  Hair will curl or lay beautifully if heat is applied.
  • If your hair is curly/wavy, you may want to spray hair with water then seal it with this butter.

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