RELIEF, Dry Skin & Eczema All Natural Scrub

This cream was made especially for all my friends and family out there struggling with intensive dry skin and/or eczema!  After pondering on what can provide some relief and begin to repair the skin, I came up with a recipe packed with healthy oils and herbs that I believe will do the trick!  Just in time for the cooler months too!

Begin repairing your dry itchy skin with this natural cream for extremely dry skin and eczema sufferers!  This cream is very gentle and contains essential ingredients with anti-itch and healing properties so your skin can begin to repair.

Repair, dry skin and eczema cream

Repair, dry skin and eczema cream


Simply Heel to Toe Foot Butter

Relax with this fabulous nourishing foot butter - so smooth it feels like butter!

Relax with this fabulous nourishing foot butter – so smooth it feels like butter!

Ladies pull out those sandals – and Gents get rid of fungus and dry feet!

Simply Heel to Toe Foot Butter

Restore and rejuvenate your cracked, dry feet while fighting unwanted bacteria with this amazingly smooth all natural foot butter! Rub on your feet and legs to protect and polish skin…feels fabulous!

Simply Natural Ingredients

Enriched with Shea Butter; Organic Coconut Oil; Mango Butter; Olive Oil; Vitamin E Oil; Tea Tree Oil; Arrowroot Powder; and Lavender EO. (All Natural)

Simply Beneficial

-Shea Butter: Excellent moisturizer, Evens out skin tone, Eliminates dryness and itching
-Coconut Oil: has healing properties, helps and heals other skin conditions
-Olive Oil: emollient making it a soothing moisturizer, powerful antioxidant, contains both vitamins E & A
-Tea Tree Oil: Softens skin, Gets rid of fungus (helps rid athletes foot)
-Vitamin E: helps with stretch marks, wrinkles, and scars, antioxidants, natural preservative
-Lavender Oil: healing treatment for eczema, dermatitis, scabies and psoriasis
-Arrowroot powder: silkens and smooths skin

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