Let’s talk Candles – Sophisticated & Fun – Great gifts for the holidays

Along with my natural body care products, Simply Chic soy candles are natural and homemade to perfection – both fun and sophisticated!

Just in time for the holidays!  I’ve been cranking out new and improved candles with amazing new fragrances getting them ready for the holiday season.



Then don’t miss out on Simply Surprise Jewelry Candles – YES get a beautiful piece of jewelry in every jewelry candle – jewelry for both men and women in all different sizes for you to choose from!!!  What a great gift for yourself or for someone you know!

Fun & exciting surprise gifts these make – you not only get a fabulously scented candle, but you get to open the surprise within it – so basically two gifts in one!

Bling with beautiful jewels and quality metals such as sterling silver, stainless steel, & brass!  Each jewel is valued between $10-$50, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth in addition to your fabulously aromatic natural soy candle!

Simply Surprise Jewelry Candles

Simply Surprise Jewelry Candles

How they work:  light your Simply Surprise Jewelry Candle and enjoy the aroma, after the wax burns to a certain point, your jewelry will begin revealing itself.  Once revealed, first blow out your flame and then carefully remove the jewelry from the wax (using tweezers is best).  Each candle will come with one piece of jewelry well wrapped in foil. Wipe off the foil and open to reveal your beautiful piece of jewelry! 

Simply Surprise Jewelry Candles are great gifts to send for the holidays and birthdays (I ship anywhere in the U.S. and will include a gift note if requested) and even take as your host or hostess gift if you go visit or have dinner somewhere during the holidays.

Why Soy?  Soy burns very clean, lasts longer than other waxes, supports American Farmers, is non-toxic and safe for the environment, and doesn’t get as hot as other waxes.

Here are a few tips on getting the MOST out of your Simply Chic natural soy candles:

1. Wicks do not need trimmed prior to your first burn, but trim before each burn thereafter (very carefully to not risk breaking off entire wick stem)
2. For best results burn your candles 2-3 hours at a time (especially the first time!) to assure an even wax pool.

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jati Face Cream (natural herbal)

Intensively moisturize and soothe face and neck by increasing access of oxygen to the skin cells.  Restore elasticity while fighting off fine …lines and wrinkles.  Stimulate collagen and reduce scarring and acne.  Load up with vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids – all while reducing anxiety, uplifting your spirit, and bringing about romance through the therapeutic properties of sweet, exotic jasmine (jati) and warm vanilla essential oils.
This lightweight, wonderfully aromatic cream is fantastic for all skin tones including greasy, dry, sensitive or irritated skin.
jati Face Cream

jati Face Cream

Illustrious Cocoa Cream

Light-weight Hair, Face & Body cream ~ this cream really does it all from head to toe!

Distinguish yourself from the rest with lustrous hair, face and body cream. Hydrate all hair and skin types with this velvety light-weight natural cocoa butter cream infused with avocado, olive and castor oils to deep condition, moisturize, and replenish lost oils, while improving hair strength and preventing breakage and hair loss. (no water is in this product)

Packed full of vitamins and essential fatty acids that are fabulous for dry hair and skin. Absorbs quickly into skin without feeling greasy, giving you a radiant natural glow. Great for treating acne, razor and other scars. Use on your face, body and feet and see the transformation before your eyes. Natural cocoa scented.

Truly an all-in-one moisturizer so you can toss all your other jars for just this one!!!

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RELIEF, Dry Skin & Eczema All Natural Scrub

This cream was made especially for all my friends and family out there struggling with intensive dry skin and/or eczema!  After pondering on what can provide some relief and begin to repair the skin, I came up with a recipe packed with healthy oils and herbs that I believe will do the trick!  Just in time for the cooler months too!

Begin repairing your dry itchy skin with this natural cream for extremely dry skin and eczema sufferers!  This cream is very gentle and contains essential ingredients with anti-itch and healing properties so your skin can begin to repair.

Repair, dry skin and eczema cream

Repair, dry skin and eczema cream